Tips for campfire cooking

One of the most exciting things about camping is cooking. Every camper is excited to taste a meal cooked in a campfire. However, to a novice, campfire cooking can be quite a bit of a challenge. If you are curious to know some useful tips on campfire cooking, please refer to the list mentioned below.


  1. Invest in an outdoor cooking kit

One of the most obvious steps you should take before planning to cook a meal during your camping trip is to invest in an outdoor cooking kit. These kits include a variety of tools ranging from fire starters to stoves to pans. You can visit an online store like to check the available options. These cooking kits can become very handy under any weather condition so you don’t have to waste long hours cooking a meal.


  1. Prefer foil packet meals

The most convenient method to cook a delicious meal in a campfire is to use foil packet meals. The meals that are packed in tin foil can easily be thrown into the hot coals and it will be ready in no time. These foil packets can be used to cook pretty much any meal that requires to be heated.


  1. Avoid cooking over the open flame

Novice campers often tend to cook on an open flame. They believe that cooking something on an open flame is the best part of their cooking adventure. However, that is not the truth. If you want to cook a delicious meal, you should maintain a consistent heat on the food. Throwing the food into an open flame will burn the food instead of cooking it. So, if you want to cook something on an open fire, just cook it on hot coal using a tin foil.


  1. Consider Olive oil as the best choice

Olive oil is the most appropriate option to be used when you cook on a campfire. You can use olive oil liberally with pretty much anything you cook and give the dish some extra taste. The aroma and the taste olive oil creates is perfect for a camping meal. This is particularly true when you cook fish and meat. Just rub a good amount of olive oil on the meat of fish chunks and couple it with a decent amount of salt to taste it much better. Believe it or not, just olive oil and salt alone can create a delicious meal. In addition to high heat cooking and frying, olive oil can be used for salads and dips as well.


In addition to that, be sure to cook something you have tried before so you are 100% sure that you are not allergic to it. This is particularly true when it comes to cooking fish and meat. Chicken, tuna, and beef are very safe options for the majority. If you have at least the smallest amount of doubt about a particular food, don’t cook it. The last thing you need is to suffer from an allergy and ruin your camping trip.