How to build a camping fire?

You cannot necessarily talk about a night out in the woods without talking about a camping fire. So, knowing how to build a camping fire is exceptionally important for any camper. Although expert campers know how to get it done easily, novice campers may want some guidance to build a good campfire. Mentioned below are some important points to follow when creating a good campfire.


  1. Creating the fire bed

Put safety first when building a campfire. In general, camping sites have designated areas to create fire. So, find that place before everything else. However, if there is no designated area, you should find a place that is away from trees, bushes and other inflammable material. Clean the area well. Place some dirt at the center of the area (which should be about 4” thick).


  1. Find the materials

You need Tinder (dry leaves, wood shavings, dry grass or something similar), Kindling (small twigs and branches) and Fuelwood (branches that have the approximate diameter of your arm).


  1. Start laying the fire

There are several ways to create fire. Teepee Fire Lay, Lean-To Fire Lay, and Log Cabin Fire Lay are the three main types. We will explain about creating a Learn-to Fire Lay model.

  • Find a long kindling piece and stick it on the ground creating a 30-degree angle. Make sure that the end of the stick points towards the wind.
  • You can now place a tinder bundle underneath the stick you have placed.
  • Place some small pieces of kindling to cover the tinder nest.
  • Now, lay some small pieces of kindling against the 30-degree stick. Then, add a different layer with larger pieces of kindling.
  • You can now watch how it burns.


Important: It is very important to have a fire starter in your backpack before heading towards the woods. With a good fire starter, you can build your fire pretty fast and easily.


  1. Putting the fire out

As the night fades away, you will have to put the fire out properly. In fact, putting the fire out is a very important task in terms of a preventive measure. Mentioned below are the things you should consider when putting the fire out.

  • Start it early because it can take a pretty long time to put a fire out. So, start to put the fire out at least 30 minutes before your departure time.


  • Sprinkle water when you put the fire out. However, you must not pour water because someone else will use the same setup later on.


  • Now, stir the firewood using a stick. By doing so, you can expect to ashes to get wet. As long as you don’t see any steam and hiss on the firewood, you have done the job.


  • Even once the fire is completely gone, put the back of your hand near the ashes. Once you don’t feel any warmth, you can go.


So, that’s how to put a campfire on and off properly.